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A-Lift ®pro

A-Lift ®pro

The A-Lift®pro is a revolution in age-reversal Nano-current technology. Imagine having all the benefits of having a facelift, but with no surgery, no needles, no fillers, no chemicals and absolutely no pain. That is the kind of VIP treatment the A-Lift®pro delivers, and you can start to see the signs of age reversal in just 45 minutes. It is incredibly powerful, yet unbelievably gentle; perfect for a range of treatments, from improving the appearance of wrinkles and improving muscle tone, as a subtle lift giving a confidence boost before a ‘red carpet’ event, or as a comprehensive programme of cell regeneration and healing when recovering from facial surgery or even paralysis. The A-Lift®pro is available as far afield as in Africa, Japan, China and across most of Europe, as well as being on the menu in the Virgin Atlantic first-class clubhouse spas.

General The A-Lift® electrical skincare treatment uses exclusively unique waveforms, and groundbreaking, cuttingedge nano/micro-current technology, to feed, hydrate and balance the skin.

Treatment Principle
Nano/Microcurrent therapy is a form of electrical impulses used to naturally and safely restore metabolic processes that are responsible for healing, stimulating cell growth and cell renewal. This process uses extremely low amounts of electricity measured in millionths of an amp. The stimulation at this level is known as sub sensory: that means that you feel very little, if anything at all, when the current is applied to your skin, and there is no sign of any visible muscle contraction.
Nano/Microcurrent therapy is a technique that involves the application of a low- voltage current therefore there is no tissue resistance. It is used for the treatment of muscle spasm, sports injury and chronic pain.

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